Best Practices in Species Distribution Modeling

Map of prediction from a species distribution model of suitable climate for Geum radiatum

How do you learn to make a species distribution model? My suggestions:

  • Wallace2: This is a point-and-click, user-friendly software package that runs through R that streamlines the modeling process, teaches you how to model and provides references where needed, and even writes the R code in the background so you can study and modify it.
  • The Habitat Suitability and Distribution Models: With Applications in R book by Guisan, Thuiller, and Zimmerman.
  • The Best Practices in Species Distribution Modeling workshop, version 1 or version 2, by myself (Adam Smith). This is the culmination of 7 in-person workshops held at various meetings and universities. Version 2 is being updated to work with enmSdmX, an R package we developed for SDMing, but as of March 2024, not all lessons have been updated or tested. Sorry… I’m working on it!

Also of note: A short instructional on flagging occurrence records that may have been collected from or georeferenced to a zoo, botanical garden, store, etc.