Hex sticker for R package enmSdmX

Package enmSdmX for R is a fully-featured package for species distribution modeling and ecological niche modeling:

  • Bias correction
  • Model tuning
  • Biotic velocity
  • Raster interpolation
  • And more!
Hex sticker for R package statisfactory

Package statisfactory for R contains a handful of useful statistical procedures:

  • Aligned rank transform (useful for using rank data in ANOVAs)
  • 2-dimensional histograms
  • Histograms with overlapping bins
  • Making all possible formulae from a set of predictors
  • And more!
Hex sticker for R package omnibus

Package omnibus for R contains handfuls of handy helper functions!

  • Make R display a message without having to click on the R console (say())
  • Display the corners of a large data frame or matrix (top left, top right, etc.; corner())
  • Conversion factors for unit conversions (e.g., feet to meters; convertUnits())
  • Find values not in a vector (%notin%)
  • Recursive unlisting (unlistRecursive())
  • Handling equalities with NAs (%<=na%, %>=na%, etc.)
  • Easily add leading zeros or other characters to a string (prefix())
  • And more!